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Bringing peace to a hectic world.

Your bedroom is more than a place to sleep—it's your sanctuary. Experience peaceful sleep and peace of mind with the quality and long-term comfort of a White Dove Mattress.


Our investment in high-quality materials is the difference.

It’s simple, we make the mattresses other manufacturers can’t or won’t. At White Dove, we use higher quality materials and a smarter design that solves so many common mattress issues. And we back our all our mattresses with warranties that other manufacturers can’t match, meaning money well spent for years to come.

Here’s how we build a better mattress:

  • Specially engineered fabrics keep your mattress surface at just the right temperature—not too hot, not too cold
  • Individually wrapped internal coils reduce motion transfer
  • Higher-than-average coil count helps relieve pressure points on your body
  • Higher-density foams give comfort and cushion without sinking low and making it hard to get in and out of bed
  • Thick foam cell walls provide consistent, gentle support with no deep body impressions
  • Thicker-than-average slats on our Amish-crafted wood foundations increase stability

Better materials, long-lasting comfort. That’s the White Dove promise.

15-Point Inspection Process

Made in the USA

CERTIPUR-US Certified Foam

Family owned for 4 Generations

Two-sided support for consistently comfortable sleep: Duality™

Duality™ Collection

Duality by White Dove provides all the comfort, quality and durability of our Hotel Classic Collection with the added flexibility of a two-sided sleep surface. These mattresses are made with high-density foams paired with a tri-zoned individually pocketed coil system for added back support. The two-sided sleep surface offers flexibility and continuous comfort ensuring long-lasting durability and superior support.

Unique Features:

  • 850 Tri-zoned posturized innerspring coil system automatically adjusts for perfect balance and proper support
  • High-Density, heavy-duty foam encased seating edge
  • Adjustable base compatible with 16 hand-secured tufts to eliminate shifting
  • Pairs with our heavy-duty 11-slat wood foundation
  • 15-year, “flip-it if you want to” warranty

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For those who carry the weight of the world: Atlas™

Atlas™ Collection

In Greek mythology, Atlas carried the weight of the world upon his shoulders, but you shouldn’t have to. Let go of the day’s stress and worries sleeping on the unmatched support of our Atlas collection. Built to last, the Atlas Collection represents the best from White Dove in terms of support and durability, giving you sleep that is as satisfying in year 25 as it was on night one.

Unique Features:

  • 1250 Fully nested and individually wrapped coils to minimize motion transfer
  • Ultra-high density foam encased seating edge
  • Durability tested and rated up to 1000 lbs
  • 1Adjustable base compatible with 16 hand-secured tufts to eliminate shifting
  • Pairs with our heavy-duty 18-slat wood foundation
  • 25-Year, ½” body impression Warranty

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