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Check out the amazing benefits of latex mattresses made by Posh and Lavish!

Posh and Lavish procure and combine the most luxurious and nicest components to create their mattresses with top-notch performance and amazing comfort.

Latex - Posh and Lavish uses latex rubber, as opposed to Polyurethane foam like many quality mattresses do. This rubber is much more expensive than the foam, but has a number of added benefits including greater elasticity, more resilience, and longer lasting.

Wool - Posh and Lavish uses wool rather than polyester fiber like many quality mattresses do. Like the latex, the wool is also more expensive than polyester fiber, but feels richer and can be compressed many more times than the other fibers, without taking a set.

Cotton - Posh and Lavish uses both cotton and an abundance of wool as the fire-retardant solution for it’s products, instead of a chemical based solution like many other mattresses. Cotton and wool are more expensive than the chemical solutions, however they are cleaner to sleep on and better for the world.

Fabric - Posh and Lavish mattress covers feature fabric that is Tencel faced. Tencel fabric is derived from wood pulp and uses nanotechnology that is absorbent, supple and durable.

Split Head Adjustable Video

In addition to the amazing natural benefits of the latex and the mattress components, Posh and Lavish is also an industry leader in the production of their Split Head mattress options.

There are split head options in both Queen and King size mattresses. This allows partners to have their own customizable sleep positions with their side of the adjustable base, without having to have 2 separate mattresses! A true win-win!

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