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Don't Sleep on These Memorial Day Mattress Deals: Serta Mattress Sale

by Ann Ferguson

neutral blue bedroom with a Serta mattress on a made bed

This Memorial Day, shop local for unbeatable deals on Serta and iComfort mattresses.

It’s the end of May, and you might be noticing that as it warms up, falling asleep can be harder, and the little things you don’t like about your mattress become unbearable.

Maybe your mattress makes you hot, like you’re boiling in bed. Or perhaps you are noticing lumps, bumps, and dips you didn’t feel while you were bundled in cold-weather bedding. We all want to spread out when it’s warmer in our bedrooms, and that’s no problem—so long as your sleep partner is okay with an itty-bitty sleeping space.

There’s no time like a Memorial Day mattress sale to solve your bedtime bummers. Go ahead—upgrade your mattress size to fix the lack of stretching-out-in-bed space! Chill out on a new mattress with cooling, temperature-regulating materials. Invest in the mattress type that matches the position you sleep in.

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Make your dreams of the perfect night’s sleep a reality! Take advantage of our Memorial Day mattress sale on Serta-brand sleep solutions to improve your quality of sleep tonight.

Your Wellness Depends on You Sleeping Well

Serta understands that the impact of rejuvenating sleep extends beyond comfort in bed; good sleep affects your health, and better rest makes a healthier you.

Serta has designed and provided exceptional mattresses (and just as extraordinary sleep!) for over 85 years. Serta and iComfort mattresses are crafted with the most advanced sleep-support technology on the market, and each one is designed to accommodate how you sleep.

Woman wakes up well rested and stretches in bed in a sunny bedroom

Shop by Mattress Type and Comfort Level

Back sleeper? Stomach sleeper? Side sleeper? All-over-the-place sleeper?

However you prefer to snooze, doing so on a new Serta or iComfort mattress will improve the quality of your sleep. With mattress types like memory foam, gel memory foam, hybrid, and pillow or Euro top, you’re sure to find the mattress that will offer targeted pressure relief that puts you to sleep fast and keeps you asleep all night long.

Whether you like a firm sleep surface, a soft place to catch Z’s, or require a medium comfort level, Serta and iComfort offer mattress comfort levels that even the lightest of sleepers can rest deeply on.

Go ahead—take your wellness into your own hands and shop our Memorial Day Serta mattress sale.

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What are you snoozing for? Click, shop, and save big with special pricing on Serta sleep solutions. You’ll be so satisfied with the incredible sleep support you got at this Memorial Day mattress sale that you’ll never need to count sheep again.

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