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Which Mattress Size Can I Fit in My Bedroom?

by Ann Ferguson

Get ready to shop local and support an independent business at the same time! Shopping locally means you get top-quality customer service and mattress expertise—while supporting your local economy.

We deeply thank you for your choice to shop locally for mattresses. But really, where else are you going to receive expert-level recommendations and trustworthy guidance to better sleep? We’re talking mattress experts with decades of experience at your disposal!

We won’t direct you to just the best mattress—we’ll help you discover the mattress and sleep environment that’s exactly what you need for the best possible rest. And the perfect sleep environment includes your entire bedroom, so we’ve created this guide to help you figure out if your bedroom can really fit the mattress size you’re envisioning.

loft bedroom with huge mattress and cozy design

Why to Consider Sizing Up Your Mattress 

Deciding on a mattress size seems like a no-brainer. But if you recently moved into a larger space, if you’re downsizing, or if your family has recently expanded, it might be time to change your mattress size.

If you have the room, why not go bigger?

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Measure the Space Around Your Bed 

Measuring the space around your bed is important—you need the space to move around! We recommend aiming to leave 2 feet of space on either side of your bed because otherwise, you may only have enough room to shuffle sideways to get to your side of the bed. Even worse, your shins may end up chronically bruised because you constantly bump into your bedframe. 

Plus, with enough space, you won’t have to cram in the essentials like a nightstand, dresser, or a comfy chair!

When you’re measuring for a bigger mattress, remember to leave about 2 feet of space on each side. This way, you and your partner can each have your own nightstand and enough room to get out of bed without disturbing each other.

Woman studies in her functional and furnished bedroom

Mattress Size Guide 

There are five standard mattress sizes: California king, king, queen, full, and twin. Both twin and full have “XL” sizes, which add 5 inches to the overall length. Here’s a quick rundown of the mattress size you need according to the size of your room.

Mattress Size Mattress Dimensions Room Size Recommendations (min. – max.)
California King 72” x 84” 12’ x 12 - 14’ x 12’
King 76” x 80” 10’ x 12’ - 13’ x 13’
Queen 60” x 80” 10’ x 10 - 10’ x 14’
Full XL 54” x 80” 9.6’ x 10.6’ - 10’ x 12’
Full  54” x 75” 9.6’ x 10.6’ - 10’ x 12’
Twin XL 39” x 80” 7’ x 10’ - 10’ x 10’
Twin 39” x 75” 7’ x 10’ - 10’ x 10’

King/Cal King  

A California king mattress size measures 72 x 84 inches, which is about 4 inches longer than your standard king size. A Cal king is ideal for people who are 6 feet 5 inches tall and for couples or families who need extra sleeping space. The minimum space you need to still have room around the bed is 12 x 12 feet.

King size mattresses are 76 x 80 inches and are also ideal for the whole brood to sleep in comfortably. At the minimum, king mattresses will fit rooms that are 10 x 12 feet. However, if you need to fit in more bedroom furniture, a room with 13 x 13 feet is best.

Mom, Dad, and two children snuggle and read stories in king size bed


Queen mattresses are 60 x 80 inches, which makes them ideal for singles to starfish or couples on a budget (or in a studio or loft apartment). For the most comfortable space, 10 x 10 feet fits a queen mattress best and still leaves enough room for your bedroom furniture.

a queen bed in a loft bedroom


Full or double size mattresses measure 54 x 75 inches and are most comfortable for single sleepers, kids who’ve outgrown their twin beds, or young adults. Full size mattresses will fit in a room with 9.6 x 10.6 feet of space but are ideal for rooms measuring 10 x 12 feet. Full XL mattresses also fit these room sizes—just keep the extra five inches of length in mind!

A young woman reads in her loft bed with a full mattress

Twin/Twin XL  

Twin size mattresses are 39 x 75 inches and are perfect as your child’s first big-kid bed or as a guest bed! Twin mattresses fit best in spaces that are 7 x 10 feet, but if you need to fit two twin beds, make sure your space is around 10 x 10 feet so everyone has enough room.

Twin XL mattresses offer more legroom (good for kiddos who never stop growing!) and fit well in spaces measuring 7 x 10 feet.

Daughter holds dad’s hand after assembling first big-girl bed

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Now that you know which mattress size is appropriate for the bedroom space you have available, shop and compare mattresses from leading brands!  

Whether you need a bigger mattress for your growing family or are finally settling into your dream home, choosing the best mattress for your space is key to enjoying your bedroom and your entire sleep space. If you have any questions about your mattress or room layout, give us a call! We’re always happy to help you with any of your concerns.

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