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Cooling Mattresses: What Makes Them Different From the Rest?

by Reyna Thomas

It’s summertime! This may be the perfect season for outdoor fun, but it can wreak havoc on your sleep if you already sleep hot regardless of the weather. Luckily enough, many mattress brands and manufacturers are utilizing cooling gel and cooling gel memory foam to help you regulate body temperature. But can it really deliver on its promise of keeping you cool? To help you decide if this is the mattress for you, let’s take a look at what it is and how it can benefit you!

What Is a Cooling Mattress?

Cooling gel memory foam, along with other materials such as latex, can lower the core temperature of your bed while still offering the same benefits as a foam or memory foam mattress. Most gel memory foams use either thermal gel (which is cool to the touch) or phase-changing gel (which transitions from a solid to a liquid when the mattress’s temperature rises). Both of these gels are designed to draw heat away from the sleeper, resulting in a more comfortable surface temperature. Manufacturers may also add gel liquid to the memory foam or within a top comfort layer for added support and cooling. It’s the gel that helps keep you cool while the memory foam redistributes weight and conforms to your body. But, the interior—more than the exterior—of a cooling mattress is what makes a difference in the sleep experience.

woman using fan while on bed

It’s All in The Core

A few different cores can be found in a cooling mattress. Cooling mattresses can be produced with a variety of cores, including innerspring, latex, and foam. Despite the fact that the end effect is similar, each of these mattresses functions differently.

Let’s look at each of the main types:

  • Innerspring: Traditional mattresses contain metal coil supports that keep your body cool by using their natural cooling properties. The gap between the coils is ideal for airflow, and some could argue that they’re even better at it than a foam mattress. 
  • Latex: This type of material is generally neither hot nor cold. They have decent airflow and don’t conduct heat efficiently, so they won’t trap heat and make you uncomfortable when sleeping.
  • Foam: When it comes to memory foam, these tend to be quite hot, absorbing heat from the body and bouncing it back onto the sleeper. However, these can be quite effective when used in conjunction with cooling gel technology.

inner filler of mattress

Gel Foam vs. Regular Foam

Many of the characteristics of gel foam and regular memory foam mattresses are similar. They’re both great for side sleepers and people who have back or neck problems who need a mattress that conforms to their bodies and relieves pressure points. And they’re both wonderful for couples because they’re both good at reducing motion transfer.

The main distinction between gel foam and ordinary memory foam is that gel foam is cooler. Gel memory foam has a better level of breathability and cooling because of the additional gel beads, whereas standard memory foam is known for heat retention, making the former a far cooler sleep option. High-density foam is also used in gel memory foam mattresses, increasing durability and allowing for a longer lifespan.

hand touching different layers of foam mattress

Benefits of Cooling Mattresses

Everyone sleeps differently. Therefore, it’s difficult to say whether or not a cool gel mattress will benefit you.

However, if you find yourself sweating while sleeping, tossing and turning during the night, or even waking up due to discomfort, a cooling mattress is a must! Plus, you can get to experience some of these amazing benefits:

  • More restful sleep - Cooling mattresses help you sleep better by distributing heat and preventing overheating.
  • Lower energy use - Cooling mattresses will not only keep your body temperature from rising too high, but they may also help you save money as you won’t need to crank up the AC or turn on any fans.
  • Reduced night sweats - Cooling mattresses can help you sleep better at night by keeping you cool. You’ll finally be able to sleep through the night—no sweat.

woman smiling while lying on her bed

If you tend to sleep hot or live in a warm climate, you may want to try a cooling mattress. Otherwise, you should be able to sleep fine, particularly if your mattress has alternative cooling measures. Choosing a new mattress can be an overwhelming task, given the many options. But it doesn’t have to be! Get on the path to better sleep with Crane's Mattress! We can help you find the best gel memory foam, latex, innerspring, or other mattress types that you need to sleep your way! Need more help? Give us a call or stop in today!