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7 Spotify Playlists to Relax to in Bed

by Pam Silvia

1. Classic Acoustic

Wax nostalgic with a playlist of familiar voices and steadfast guitar strumming. Teeming with soft-rock tracks from music legends such as The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Fleetwood Mac and Billy Joel, this Spotify playlist will soothe you to sleep with lullaby-reminiscent songs, including the Fab Four’s “In My Life” and the Piano Man’s “She’s Always a Woman.”

2. Hanging Out and Relaxing

If your music taste leans more toward alternative and indie, this Spotify playlist has your back. Catch some ZZZs with the help of beautifully evocative tracks by Lana Del Rey, Bon Iver, Leon Bridges, Hozier—and more. We personally recommend adding Noah Kahan’s anthemic “Young Blood” and Maggie Rogers’s upbeat “Love You For a Long Time” to your library.

3. Meditate to the Sounds of Nature

Have you ever thought about investing in a white-noise machine to help you fall asleep? Well, you can feed your curiosity by listening to this Spotify playlist of crashing waterfalls, chirping birds and calming rain. Curated for meditating, this playlist can also help lull you to sleep, as ambient sounds, especially when underscored by piano, can block out disruptive noises (like your bed partner’s snoring).

4. Ambient Relaxation

Think of this playlist as the gentle soundtrack you imagine playing in the movie of your life or as you’re staring out the window longingly. Tip: play this piano-centric tracklist from your smart speaker and set a sleep timer so that your music automatically shuts off as you’re falling into REM.

5. Chill Hits

Indulge in some soft-pop favorites like Harry Styles’s dreamy “Adore You” and Selena Gomez’s ethereal “Lose You to Love Me” with this playlist that is replete with chart-topping artists like Halsey and emerging artists like Anthony Ramos (of Hamilton fame). An easy way to keep up with the music scene, this playlist is periodically updated with new singles for your easy-listening pleasure.

6. Chilled Jazz

For the old souls: we’ve got the jazzy playlist to stimulate sweet dreams. These mellow compositions will help you unwind after a long day—or, conversely, if you’re one to catch up on computer-related tasks when you're in bed, these smooth, contemporary tracks will enable you to focus.

7. Creamy

It’s in the name, folks. This playlist of warm vocal drizzle and melodic future bass is suave to the ear and comforting to the restless mind. While this playlist is composed of dance music, make no mistake: its synth-pop sound will wind you down rather than rile you up. For reference, it’s got Billie Eilish’s goth-R&B hit “bury a friend” and Flume’s electronica “Rushing Back” collab with Vera Blue.

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