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Olympic Queen or Standard Queen Size Mattress: Is There a Difference?

by Ann Ferguson

Have you ever heard of an Olympic queen mattress? Yes, Olympic queen mattresses are real! But are they much different from a standard queen size? And if so, why would you want one?

These are all excellent questions, and thankfully, we have the answers! So, if you're ready to learn more about the queendom, take a look!

What is a queen-size mattress?

Graphic of queen mattress dimensions

The queen-size mattress is no ordinary royal. It's actually the reigning champ in American bedrooms, with over 47 percent of us choosing to snuggle up in a queen every night. Measuring 60 x 80 inches, it's ideal for couples who enjoy snuggling together or are a little short on space.

It's also a single sleeper's dream! In the master bedroom, sleeping on a queen is perfect for spreading out starfish style. But it's also perfect for guest rooms — trust us, your guests will thank you!

Pro Tip: The recommended room size is 10 x 10 feet, leaving plenty of room for your other royal furniture.

What is an Olympic queen mattress?

Graphic of an Olympic queen mattress dimensions

An Olympic queen mattress is also known as the super or expanded queen. It's the same length as a standard queen but is six inches wider, measuring 66 x 80 inches. This extra space can make a world of difference for couples who need more room to stretch out or for those sharing the bed with a small child or a fur baby.

What are the benefits of an Olympic queen mattress?

An Olympic queen is a specialty bed that provides an extra six inches of room, but does the size make much difference in your sleep benefits? It can! Some benefits include:

  • The wider sleep surface gives couples an extra three inches of sleep space for each person to spread out.
  • Similar price points to a queen, if a touch more expensive. But still more affordable than a king if you're on a tight budget.
  • Fits most bedrooms that can accommodate a queen bed (10 x 10 ft!), but they will take up valuable furniture space.

However, the drawbacks to an Olympic queen mattress are that finding bedding and a bed frame that fits is more difficult!

Should you choose an Olympic queen over a king?

Graphic of different mattress sizes from queen to Cal king

That's a good question; if you're going to upgrade to a larger-sized mattress, why not go all the way with a king or California king mattress? Well, it comes down to what mattress size you can fit in your bedroom and how large your budget is!

A king-size mattress is sixteen inches wider than a queen (76 x 80 in), providing more room for couples to stretch out or co-sleep. Meanwhile, a Cal king (72 x 84 in) is twelve inches wider than a queen but is four inches narrower than a standard king. So, you'll need a room at least 12 x 12 ft. to fit either king size. However, if you have the room but not the budget, you might be better off sticking to the queendom!

Other Queen Sizes to Consider

Graphic of the other queen-size mattresses

Did you know that there are queens in sleep land? It's true! These queens include:

  • The California Queen is 60 x 84 inches, four inches longer than a standard queen — perfect for taller couples.
  • The Short Queen is 60 x 75 inches, five inches shorter, making it ideal for saving space while still fitting two sleepers. It's also known as an RV queen bed!
  • The Split Queen is the same size as a standard queen but split into two 30 x 80-inch mattresses, so couples can customize their side of the bed and take advantage of adjustable bed frames!

Other Considerations When Choosing Your Mattress

With so many sizes to consider, especially when you include the other standard sizes like twin & full-sized mattresses, choosing the best one for your sleep is tricky. Of course, you'll need one that fits your room size well enough that you have walking space around the bed (about two feet worth!). But other considerations include:

  • Choosing the right bedding and bed frame that fits the mattress (non-standard sizes like Olympic queens are hard to find!).
  • How many sleepers will sleep in the bed regularly? And will they co-sleep with a child or a pet?
  • How tall are the sleepers? Will they need extra legroom?
  • How comfortable is the mattress? What comfort level fits you?

Size Up Your Sleep!

Happy family sleeping on a large mattress

So, is there a difference between an Olympic queen and a standard queen-size mattress? Absolutely! There are six inches of difference, giving you a slightly wider sleeping surface. But if you don't want to deal with finding bedding for it or finally have the budget to upgrade to a king-size mattress, don't hesitate to see our mattress selection at Crane's Mattress!

We carry all the standard mattress sizes, so finding the one that fits your sleep is no problem! And if you have any questions, give us a call or stop by — our mattress experts are on it!