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Which Mattress to Get Based on How You're Crying About Game of Thrones

by Waverly Wilde

Still sobbing over Sansa? Crying about the Cleganes? Misty-eyed over Missandei? Game of Thrones might have concluded its final season, but whether you loved it or hated it, chances are you still aren’t over it!

While you’re seeking emotional support for the many tragedies of season 8, make sure you’re getting the physical support you need as you weep over your favorite characters at night. The right mattress can be as comforting as your favorite pinot noir and a box of chocolates—so find your perfect fit based on the way you’ve been curled up crying about “Game of Thrones.”


The Defeat-al Position

If your heart still feels like it’s been frozen by a white walker or burned up by a dragon, there’s no shame in curling up into a ball to get some of those emotions out. Shhh, shhhh ... it’s okay, just let it all out! And while you’re curled up crying like a baby, make sure you’re laying on a memory foam mattress.

After a while, laying on your side like that can misalign your back and have you crying for totally different reasons! But with a memory foam mattress, your bed can take the pressure off your shoulders, hips, and knees. That way you can really let loose with the tears when you start thinking about the Stark siblings!


The Widow’s Wail

When you’re grieving the deaths of all your faves, it can be hard to summon the energy just to face the world! So don’t try—stay faceplanted into your pillow doing the Widow’s Wail until you can picture Jon Snow’s face without bursting into tears.

The problem with laying on your stomach to cry (or sleep) is that it doesn’t give your back much support. With a hybrid mattress, you have a firm, supportive innerspring core, plus a cushy memory foam layer to keep your pressure points from getting sore as you lay there, dejected, all night long. Don’t worry about how many Long Night’s of your own it takes you to recover, your mattress will be there to comfort you as long as you need.


The Sleeping Knight

Like one of the many brave warriors who gave their lives in the fight against the Night King, the end of Game of Thrones may have you wanting to lay right down and die. So feel no shame when you flop onto your bed and stare up at the ceiling for hours at a time, letting tears roll down your cheeks, thinking about all the different ways the siege of King’s Landing could have gone.

For this weeping position, you’ll want plenty of back support with a touch of plush comfort to remind you that everything is going to be okay. An innerspring pillowtop mattress will make it easier than ever to stay in bed all day while you recover from season 8.


The end of “Game of Thrones” is a trying time for us all, but with a little support, we know you’ll make it through. While you’re out shopping for more wine to wash down white-walker-induced sorrows or chocolates to forget the last sight of Queen Cersei, be sure to pick up a mattress that has your back through all the tears. Come on by and we’ll help you pick out the perfect mattress for your favorite crying position! We might even have a few tears to shed with you...