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5 Tips to Help Your Kids Sleep Better During the Summer

by Reyna Thomas

As the school year draws to a close and children and teens enter summer vacation, their schedules tend to become less rigorous. As a result, it's difficult for them to get a good night's sleep.

Longer daylight hours also provide children more possibilities to spend time outside in the evening, which can also disrupt sleep. Making sleep a priority is vital for kids to have the energy they need for everything from going to day camp to a pool playdate.

So, don’t let your kids become cranky summer zombies—help them enjoy their summer vacation with these simple steps!

Keep a Consistent Sleep Schedule

Children tend to sleep and wake up later when they don't have to go to school the next day. Especially teenagers who, as they become older, naturally have later bedtimes, even if they have to get up early the next morning. For these reasons, you may wish to change your children's sleep routines throughout the summer to allow them to stay up later.

If you don't have to, you don't need to keep their school sleep schedule going. Allowing them to stay up a little later and sleep in a little later is entirely appropriate as long as the new summer routine is followed consistently. So, no staying up until midnight one night and then 4 am the next. The imbalance in schedules will do them more harm as the summer goes on and it’ll be that much harder to adjust back to their school sleep routine

mom kissing son goodnight

Healthy Daytime Habits

If you want to get your kids to go to bed without a fight, there are several things you can do throughout the day. According to studies, the more physically active children are throughout the day, the easier it is for them to go asleep at night. With days filled with running, climbing, swimming, sunbathing, and endless pool time those little minds and bodies will be exhausted, making for the perfect recipe for sleep for the night.

Also, sugar intake should be limited in the afternoons and evenings, as healthier diets promote better sleep. Encourage your children to engage in physical activity and eat nutritious meals such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and they will be ready for bed when the time comes.

little girl having fun in pool

Black It Out at Night & Keep Cool

Adjusting bedroom environments to meet the season is an important aspect of summertime sleep patterns. Summer months are sunnier and hotter in many places. Consider investing in blackout curtains to keep light out of your child's room and prevent them from waking up too early in the morning.

If those aren't possible, another alternative for blocking out potentially distracting light is to wear an eye mask. Consider spending the last hours of the day inside, out of daylight, or in the hour before bed on longer days. This will signal to your body that it is time to sleep.

Don’t forget to keep your children’s room cool. Turning on a fan or the air conditioner can also help your kids and teens sleep better in the summer. As people tend to have more sleep interruptions when the weather is too hot.

young girl wearing sleep mask


We understand that it might be tough to drag children away from the fun in the sun, but it is still critical that children of napping age rest on a regular basis throughout the summer. Your children's bodies need time to recover from increased physical activity during the summer months, and nap time is when some of that useful rest occurs.

It's also important to remember that children should snooze earlier in the afternoon rather than later. The longer you put off nap time, the more likely they will put off bedtime.

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The Right Bed

Their bed can be another contributing factor in their ability to fall asleep. Make sure your children are sleeping on a supportive and comfortable mattress before moving on to the other tips on this list. It will be difficult for them to get the proper amount of sleep if their mattress is poor quality, they outgrow it, or it’s simply not ideal for them. The correct mattress ensures that your child's body receives the necessary padding to keep their spine aligned and their neck protected.

Crane's Mattress can help you find the right mattress for your child! Once you've set your kids up for sleep success, they'll be ready to tackle their summer sleep! Make sleep a priority for everyone in your family and enjoy a wonderful summer!

If you need help finding the perfect sleep solutions for the whole family, you know who to call! Got questions! Stop by our store today or contact us; we'll be happy to help!