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How to Buy a Mattress

by Pam Silvia

At Crane’s, we have spent over half our life selling a better night's sleep. We have heard, understand and agree that some stores make the process stressful and confusing. We have always tried to keep the process simple, understandable, relaxing and, hopefully, fun! We have designed a simple 3-step process. We recommend focusing on comfort, support and price. You won’t hear many stores talk this way, but we believe it is the best process. And one thing that we do agree with that makes many customers uncomfortable is that you really need to test a mattress for 10 to 15 minutes. That doesn’t mean every mattress in our showrooms. But once you have narrowed your selection, you should compare your top 2 this way.

So, where to begin? First: please trust the sales staff at Crane’s. They are trained to not be high-pressure, arm-twisting salespeople. They are really there to help you and answer your questions. They want you to be a satisfied customer because they hope you will recommend them and send in your family and friends.

Our process begins by finding what you consider comfortable. It is purely subjective, and there is no right or wrong answer. Try to describe to your Sleep Consultant what you consider comfortable. Let them show you some mattresses they feel match that description. Then you can work together to find mattresses that are most comfortable for you.

Second: talk with your Sleep Consultant about the support in the mattresses you are considering. Honestly, in our opinion, there is no one type of support that is best for everyone. So, ask questions about each mattress you are considering, and decide for yourself which support feels best and makes the most sense for you.

Third: look at the price. We pride ourselves on having showrooms that have great mattress selections at all price points. So if you are unsure ask to see the mattress that is less than the one you are considering and also to see the one that is more expensive than the one you are considering. See if you can tell a difference and you decide how much you want to spend.

And finally, remember that Crane’s has some fantastic guarantees on every mattress. First, we deliver every mattress set we sell for FREE. Now that may not seem like much but we take pride in that. You see some of our competition says they deliver for free. But then they put in small print that it is with a minimum purchase of $599 or more.  To us, that is not free. Secondly, remember that every mattress we sell comes with at least a 120-night comfort guarantee. Our Scott Living mattress goes all the way to a 180-night comfort guarantee. So while we work hard to fit you to the right mattress the first time you can’t go wrong with our comfort guarantee. And lastly, remember that we also have a 120-price guarantee. So if you can find the same mattress for less we will refund the difference plus an additional 10% for letting us know. There are a few restrictions on these that you can find out about in the store but we don’t have a lot of small print to limit them.

So, there you have our opinions, philosophies and ideas on how to buy a new mattress.