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10 Crazy Mattress Facts That You Never Knew Before

by Ann Ferguson

You might think that mattresses are simple, but there are several interesting facts about them. Did you know thieves always check for valuables under your mattress before anything else? Or that King Tut's bed was made entirely out of gold and ebony?

With so many incarnations of mattresses throughout the ages, it's no wonder there are tons of crazy mattress facts. And we've listed just a few of them!

1. Twice the Weight

Vacuuming mattress that is full of dust mites

It turns out that over the years, your mattress almost doubles in weight because of dust mites that make their home inside its fibers. After a decade or more of use, it can easily weigh 30 to 50 pounds more than when you first purchased it! That's crazy.

Pro Tip: If you suffer from allergies, don't hesitate to upgrade your mattress sooner rather than later!

2. Mattress Shopping is Illegal?

Another crazy fact is that in Washington, it is illegal to buy a mattress on Sundays! This baffling law dates back to the turn of the century when shop owners needed at least one day off during the week and chose Sunday as that day. As crazy as this law may seem, some states still have similar laws in place today!

Thankfully, they don't seem to be enforced — the weekend is the perfect time to go mattress shopping!

3. Humidity = Ickyness

Man waking up with night sweats

Did you know that it's incredibly easy to get your mattress damp? They can get wet from sweat or humid conditions, which makes them a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew (ew!). And since it builds up deep in your mattress, it can take a while before you notice anything has gone wrong.

So, if you live in humid conditions or suffer from night sweats, look for a cool, aerated mattress like gel memory foam or latex to avoid damp conditions.

Pro Tip: Go a step further by using a waterproof mattress protector to protect your mattress against humidity!

4. Water Beds Are Ancient

A crazy fact you probably haven't heard about is that water beds are ancient — Persians invented them around 3000 BC! The earliest known version of the water bed was a goat skin filled with water, which scholars believed was then given to royalty.

But the modern water bed, as we know it, was invented in 1822 by the Scottish Dr. Neill Arnott as a cure for patients with bed sores. These weren't as aerated, and you couldn't control the temperature of the water, but they made great strides in the medical and sleep worlds!

5. Mattress Recycling

Recycling symbol

Believe it or not, you can recycle an old mattress when it gets worn out! Some recyclers will do curbside pickup for a small fee or make easy arrangements to drop it off. Either case helps keep landfills from being overfilled and saves energy since recycled material takes less energy to produce.

Plus, mattresses are filled with valuable materials, like springs and metal, wood fibers for fuel, and foams and fabric that some manufacturers can reuse as padding in other products!

Pro Tip: Talk to your local retailer or city municipality about your recycling options!

6. First Coil Systems Patented in 1865

Heinrich Westphal patented the first coil system mattress in 1865. It consisted of several rows and columns of metal coils that provided extra support, which changed how mattresses were made forever! These mattresses were the first innerspring mattresses ever made, and while there have been improvements in coil tech, these mattresses are staying strong!

Pro Tip: For better motion isolation and breathability, look for pocket coil mattresses!

7. Ancient Mattresses Used Ropes

In today's world, you buy a mattress and a foundation (except in the case of some platform beds), but ancient mattresses used a different form of support: ropes! They would fit a mattress on cross-woven ropes stretched across a wooden frame and tighten it to help keep the mattress in place while you slept. This is actually where the term "sleep tight" comes from!

Pro Tip: A good foundation makes all the difference in your sleep, so look for one that suits your mattress! For extra comfort and mobility, look for adjustable foundations!

8. Withstand Flame for 30 Seconds

Candle sitting on top of bed

Did you know that modern mattresses are designed to withstand flames for up to 30 seconds? In 2007, the U.S. initiated a federal law that all mattresses must be able to withstand open flames for a minimum of 30 seconds to reduce the number of mattress fires. These fires were usually the result of unattended candles or cigarettes and the fact that mattresses are made of combustible materials.

Pro Tip: Double-check the fire retardant standards when shopping for a mattress and see what chemicals they're using!

9. Bad Sleep = Bad Mattress

If you're having trouble sleeping at night, there's a good chance it might be related to your mattress. With a comfy mattress, falling asleep 10 to 15 minutes after lying down is normal and expected. So, if it takes longer than that each night, your mattress is most likely the cause of your inability to fall asleep.

Other causes could be insomnia, a snoring partner, anxiety, or stress. But whichever the case, having a new mattress that suits your sleep can only benefit you.

10. Mattress Dominoes

In the crazy world of mattress crazy facts, did you know that there's a world record category in Guinness for mattress dominoes? It's exactly what you think: how many mattresses and people can you topple together like dominoes! Brazil set the latest record in 2019 for 2,019 mattresses and people topped in one setting!

Mattress Shopping

Woman testing mattresses in store

These crazy mattress facts show how much they've evolved over time and how important they are in our daily lives. So if you're in the market for a new mattress, it might be time to check out Crane's Mattress! We promise no goat skins were used in the making of these mattresses!

And if you have any questions, give us a call or stop by! Our team is happy to help you with your sleep needs!