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6 Bedroom Redecorating Tips to Make Every Couple Content

by Olly Mason

So, you and your partner have finally decided to give the bedroom an update. Everything is exciting, up until you remember you and your loved one have vastly different tastes. Will he try to finally persuade you into creating a shrine of his favorite sports team? Is she dreaming of shabby chic that’ll make you shriek?

When it comes to redecorating a couple’s bedroom, compromise is key, and while that may seem like fancy talk for “just agree to everything and everyone will be happy,” creating harmony in the bedroom may be easier than you think.

Before you and your significant other embark on redesigning your couple’s bedroom, consider these six tips for rekindling your sleep space!

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1.  Co-create a Color Scheme

Start by deciding which colors you and your partner will love the most in your bedroom – as well as any colors you both consider deal-breakers. This can be one of the trickier parts of bedroom decorating, but if you find either of your favorite color choices get an approval, consider alternatives.

Instead of incorporating the color in question completely, play around with how the color looks as an accent. Throw pillows, curtains, a rug or even a series of art pieces can add just enough of a color to make your partner happy and not feel overwhelming.

Still having a hard time agreeing? Explore the spectrum! Your favorite color might be a certain tone darker or lighter, but a similar shade on the same color wheel can render similar results that might be the solution to making both of you happy.

2.  Make Artwork Count

Celebrating your partner’s achievements is a healthy and powerful way to let them know you care, so it makes sense that the place you two spend the most time together should reflect that.

Seek out a dedicated area on a wall or on top of a dresser to display accolades, special memories, important dates, and more, all which give a personal touch to a bedroom.

This bedroom decorating tip can be done solo, but you can also make it extra special allowing your partner to pick one meaningful piece they feel represents you, and vice versa. That way, you both agree on what is being displayed, and it carries more meaning that simply staging décor to look nice.

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3.  Keep Enough Room for Two

Living in harmony with your partner comes down to understanding and respecting each other’s personal habits and funny little quirks. Sharing all the bedroom space may seem like the noble thing to do as a couple, but it’s also important to allow your partner to feel like he or she has a dedicated space for his or her own belongings.

Take time during decorating to consider the ways you can each enjoy some personal space in the bedroom. This can be as simple as including another dresser, chest, or nightstand, or giving your closet a DIY makeover to optimize space for the both of you. 

4.  Rotate Bed Sets, Achieve a New Look

Not every part of your bedroom redecoration has to be permanent. Incorporating pieces that can easily be swapped out will not only give your bedroom a pop of fresh personality, but it can also be a smart way to let both of your styles equally shine. 

One of the easiest ways to do this is by keeping a few extra bed sets on-hand to switch between cleanings. Make sure to mix up the options: Having a downy comforter is definitely something to look forward in the winter, while a light bed ensemble will make both of you happy during the hotter months. Create a collection of favorite patterns, fabrics, designs to interexchange from time to time and spotlight each other’s tastes.

5.  Assign Special Projects

Do not let your significant other fool you – decorating is and should be fun. Still, it’s not uncommon for one person to express a lack of interest when it comes to giving the bedroom a revamp, and as result, the bedroom can feel like a representation of a single person rather than two.

In order to help encourage your partner to join the fun, assign him or her a special task he or she can get excited about. Maybe one of you has a love for experimenting with textiles, patterns, and fabrics, giving you a knack for finding a collection of throws and pillows that feel welcoming to the both of you. And maybe the other has an eye for décor, art, or is a tech guru and knows just the right sound system to include into the redecorating.

Whichever the case, establishing each other’s fortes and making that the focus of a special project is a sure-fire way to make sure each of you feels important and represented by your bedroom makeover.

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6.  Let There Be Light (for Every Task)

The bedroom is the final stop before the end of the day, and that often includes finishing up nightly rituals that put your mind at rest. Whether your bedtime routine consists of writing down important notes, enjoying a good book, or simply sipping a cup of bedtime tea, consider incorporating multiple light sources, each with a different purpose that lets you continue your method without interrupting your partner.

  • A tall floor lamp fully illuminates a bedroom without being too distracting, like a ceiling lamp.
  • Bedside table lamps are more personal and compact, allowing each of you to own and operate your own during different moments of the night; keep the setting intimate by using dim light bulbs.
  • Book lights are affordable, practical, and are the least likely to disturb your partner while you get lost in your latest pick of novel.
  • String lights set a dreamy mood that everyone can appreciate.

: a vase with white flowers on a nightstand next to bed and hanging pendant light

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