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3 Ways a Copper Mattress Helps you Sleep Better

by Reyna Thomas

Have you heard of the new sleep trend? Copper mattresses! Inside our bodies, copper does great things — but what happens when copper is outside our bodies and inside a mattress?

When copper is used inside a mattress, it provides cooling abilities that you have to feel to believe. And the protection against germs is a dream for every hygienic-concerned individual. But how does copper do this? Our guide explains these benefits and more! So you can decide confidently when buying your next mattress!


Many of us take precautions against bacteria, allergies, and other organisms invading our mattresses, by using a mattress protector. But what if your mattress could also guard against these pesky bacteria and allergens, so you only need your protector to shield your mattress from spills and other accidents? Que a copper mattress!

Copper ions stop the development of harmful bacteria and diseases, including fungus, coliforms, and more. It stops the odors and bacterium stains from being produced by these germs. Due to the fact that copper has a built-in microbiological and bacterial inhibitor, a mattress made of copper-infused fabric can endure longer than conventional mattresses.

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Cooling Effects

Sleeping hot can disrupt a good night's rest. But copper sleeps cool — always. That comes as a result of copper having high thermal conductivity. The copper inside the mattress quickly absorbs your body heat and swiftly diffuses it, preventing it from building up in any other mattress. By doing this, you can better control your body's temperature and enjoy a night of cool, comfortable sleep every night!

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Promotes Spinal Alignment

Additionally, copper-colored mattresses offer more support for the spine, shoulders, hips, and back in particular. When copper is compressed with mattress materials, it becomes firmer. And the firmer it is, the better the material will adapt to the shape of the body and cushion all your essential pressure points.

As a result, these mattresses are generally better at ensuring that your spine is in the right position while you sleep so that you can wake up pain-free. This fact, coupled with a goodnight's sleep, also makes copper mattresses good for recovering after a long work-out or a really active day.

Copper mattresses are also typically made with memory foam and sometimes a gel top, so if you want to be any more comfortable, you surely can.

Pro Tip:  If you want to add even more comfort, a mattress topper will do the trick.

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Find Yours Today!

As you can see, by using a copper-infused mattress, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a clean, cool and comfortable night's sleep. And who doesn't want that? Plus, due to its antimicrobial properties, you can experience relief from common health benefits like allergies.

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Get yourself a copper-infused mattress today! There are a variety of copper mattresses available on the market which deliver impressive health benefits. But Crane's Mattress has the right one for you! Our experienced sales team will help you find the copper mattress that can satisfy your sleep needs. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us or visit us in-store for hands-on help!