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Cold Sleeper? 5 Tips to Keep Warm in the Night

by Ann Ferguson

cold woman bundles up with blankets and a hat in bed

Does being too cold keep you from sleeping? Do you wake up in the middle of the night because your fingers, nose, or toes feel like blocks of ice?

Sleeping while you’re too cold is no one’s idea of a picnic—luckily, we have some simple solutions you can do to ward off the chill in your bedroom and surround yourself in cozy, snuggly warmth!

1. Extra Blankets and Throws

Sure, throwing an extra blanket on the bed to get warmer is the first natural step, right? But it turns out the not just any old blanket will do the trick.

When it comes to extra blankets or throws, the key is in the layering and the material. Blanket material is an important factor in trapping heat and keeping out any drafts. Fleece is your wintertime friend, as well as materials like feathers, down, wool, or bamboo, so be sure to upgrade your sheets and blankets.

Layering your blankets is also essential, as the layers help trap in the heat, so you don’t have to rely on just one thick blanket to do the trick. Plus, if you find yourself getting too warm, all you have to do is take off a layer or two.

Looking to upgrade your comforter or duvet? Check out weighted blankets to hold in your body heat or look for duvet covers with a 13.5 tog rating or higher. (A tog rating is a measure of thermal insulation, or how warm a blanket will keep you.) Remember, the higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet (and the higher the fill, the better the insulation)!

2. Flannel PJs and Fuzzy Socks

Another stop on the keep-warm train is flannel sleepwear and fuzzy socks. Not only is flannel a softer material, but the material is breathable so you can keep warm but not stifled throughout the night. Plus, is it really winter without a little bit of flannel now and then?

And to complete your sleepwear ensemble, try wearing thick fuzzy socks to bed, even if you prefer to sleep barefoot. Warmer socks help with your feet circulation, which help you fall asleep quicker! Not to mention it’ll help you avoid that block-of-ice feeling.

couple snuggles in bed with fuzzy socks on

3. Mattresses, Toppers, and Pads

Is your old mattress a saggy, lumpy mess? While the lumps and sags help you snuggle in your blanket fort (nothing wrong with a blanket fort), consider upgrading your mattress. Look for mattresses with thicker sides or with gel memory foam to not only help you stay warm throughout the night, but to give you better sleep too.

Not ready for a new mattress just yet? Try out a natural wool mattress pad or topper to help keep you cozy during the winter, and cool and moisture-free during the summer (the best of both worlds)!

4. Snuggle Up

Do you have your covers, sleepwear, and bed to your liking but are still fighting the chill? Consider snuggling up with a partner or fur baby for deeper sleep throughout the night. Cuddling with a loved one will help keep the cold at bay and lessen your stress and anxiety!

And if you and your partner’s sleep preferences differ, try sleeping with different comforter types. Choose the thicker, heavier layers for you and the lighter layers for them, or check out moisture-wicking fabrics like wool and bamboo for temperature-balanced bedding.

three dog noses poke out of bed blankets

5. Warm Baths and Soothing Cups of Tea

Do you always hesitate to slide onto the cold sheets on your bed? Does it feel like getting warm takes forever and you just want to get right to sleep? Thankfully, there are a couple things you can do to keep warm before you get into bed.

Try taking a warm bath or shower before bedtime. This will raise your body temperature enough that slipping between cold sheets will feel just like heaven.

And once you’re clean enough, you can warm up a glass a milk or steep a soothing cup of tea an hour before bed (or add milk to your tea). The warm drinks slowly raise your body temperature and lower your stress levels too!

woman drinking hot tea, heating feet on the radiator heater, wearing woolen socks, sitting next to a window

Sleeping warm and sheltered is one of the best things about the colder seasons. And with the right bedding, mattress, or mattress topper, you can curl up with your loved ones, and better sleep is practically a given. So, go ahead and to turn your bedroom into the toasty sanctuary you need to say goodbye to cold, sleepless nights!

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