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Celebrate American Prosperity by Shopping Locally for Mattresses

by Bill Welles

A commonly asked question when shopping for a new mattress is whether to buy online or from a brick-and-mortar store. While much of the attention in the retail space is focused heavily on an online or big-box presence, the best shopping experience is always found in a physical store. And when it comes to finding the right mattress to fit your exact needs, it always pays to shop local. 

The best way to celebrate American prosperity is to support small businesses and shop at your local mattress store. Especially given the unforeseen events that have occurred so far this year, supporting local businesses and keeping jobs afloat is necessary now more than ever. Shopping locally stimulates the local workforce to help support your community and your economy. Small business owners are the lifeforce behind any local community and supporting them means supporting the dedication and commitment that they show towards helping every person who steps foot in their store.  

Beyond that, the benefit of buying a mattress in a physical store is that you get to plop down on the mattress and try it out first. This allows you to check for the proper firmness, support, and comfort that you’ll need to sleep comfortably. That means getting a feel for how your spine is aligned while you’re in the bed and testing if there are any pressure points or discomforting areas. If you’re unsure of what to look for or what product might best suit your comfort needs, helpful team members are always happy to assist and walk you through the selection process. And if you’re someone who likes to haggle, you may just be able to talk down the price and get a better deal.

Shopping at a local store allows you to view multiple options at once. You can test out different models and make comparisons in real time to help determine what you might be looking for in your ideal mattress type. Local stores have a full staff of informed salespeople working with shoppers to help them find a quality product. They often have access to detailed product information from each manufacturer that can help them field any specific questions about mattress models.

Another upside of supporting a local store is that it can be your one-stop shop for all other sleep accessories. If you need a mattress protector, bedsheets, pillows, and so on, you can go back to the same store to find matching sets. If you have any problems or questions regarding your purchase, you can communicate with a knowledgeable individual instead of an automated response system. 

However, it’s important to remember that a new mattress is an important purchase that deserves plenty of thought beforehand. A mattress is a long-term commitment much like any major appliance in your home. A quality mattress can range in price depending on your needs, but the payoff for quality sleep is always worth it. Your mattress plays a vital role in your life—not just during the nighttime hours when you’re asleep, but also while you’re awake during the day. Support, comfort, and durability are the recipe for a good night’s sleep, which in turn, promotes a healthier mood, allows you to function better throughout the day, and helps to prevent the many chronic health ailments associated with lack of sleep.

It’s recommended that you replace your mattress every 7–10 years, so whether your bed’s support has deteriorated or you’re just itching for an upgrade, it helps to be armed with knowledge before making your next purchase. While shopping local is a great starting point, there are still some “Dos” and “Don’ts” involved when buying a new mattress.

Don’t jump to a decision and buy the first bed you come across. Mattress shopping is an all-too-important decision that you don’t want to rush. Truly research each product and take the time to scope out several brands as options. And again, if you need help finding which sleep support material, foundation, or mattress type best suits your needs, that’s where our expert staff comes along to assist you in your mattress shopping exploration.

And don’t rule out buying a bed in a box! A number of local mattress stores offer a selection of mattress in a box brands whose products are ready to ship. Give us a call to find out which mattress brands we have available. It’s like they say—comfort can come in big packages!

Don’t assume every store will have the exact model you have in mind. Be open to testing out as many mattresses as possible and see what fits nicely. You might find a mattress or support type you never thought you’d enjoy. There’s much more to mattress shopping than looking for the perfect bowl of porridge technique to find the one that’s “just right.” A new bed is an investment in your wellbeing, so you cannot afford any margin of doubt. Explore several options in the same size, mattress type, and firmness to get a broader understanding of what your needs are as well as the needs of your sleep partner.

Do properly educate yourself about mattress features before making a final purchase. Do you know what a hybrid bed is? Are you aware of the difference between an innerspring and memory foam bed? Would you prefer a pillow top: yes or no? Your preferred mattress type might depend on what type of sleeper you are. Side, stomach, and back sleepers all snooze at different positions, so the materials, foundations, and comfort levels might affect your quality of sleep.

If you’re a side sleeper, memory foam is the way to go. The foam compresses around your hips, arms, and shoulders to keep you comfortably in place and absorbs the impact of tossing and turning. If you snuggle in for a restful night’s sleep on your back, then a hybrid mattress is what you’re looking for. Back sleepers enjoy the right amount of firm support and cushiony comfort to align their spine and keep their shoulders and back comfortable.

If you fall asleep flat on your tummy each night, take your choice of memory foam or hybrid. Stomach sleepers typically feel added strain on their necks and shoulders from turning their head from one side to another throughout the night, so a material that can prevent sinking and evenly distribute weight is ideal to counteract the aches and pains associated with stomach sleeping.

And while you now have the information needed to make an informed and confident decision in your next purchase, as the world begins to change with this most recent health crisis, the way we shop for mattresses might change along with it. If shopping in a store isn’t something you are comfortable with just yet, you can speak to a team representative by phone or shop online to find the product you need. And if you live in a completely digital world, you may prefer to shop online regardless. 

You can safely and securely shop our entire catalog of mattresses and sleep accessories online from the comfort of your home with a virtual testing system to help find your fit. No matter your purchasing preference, remember that shopping local means shopping smart.