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Get the Perfect Valentine’s Gift: Find the Best Mattress for You & Your Partner!

by Ann Ferguson

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating the relationship between you and your partner with gifts of flowers and candy. But what if you went bigger? What if you got the gift that kept on giving?

We’re, of course, talking about the gift of better sleep! With the right mattress that supports both you and your partner equally, you’ll have a Valentine’s Day that neither of you will ever forget.

So, how do you find the perfect mattress? We’ll tell you the top five aspects to consider as you shop, and which mattress types will better suit your sleeping preferences.

1. Loving Support

Couple laying down on bed with hearts around them

As with any mattress, you need adequate support that cradles you into a deeper, more restful sleep. But when you sleep with a partner, finding the mattress that supports both of you evenly is difficult.

So, when you shop for a mattress, you’ll need one that will keep your spine in neutral alignment throughout various sleep positions and has sturdy edge support. The edge support helps avoid that sloping feeling when one of you rolls to the center of the mattress, which can happen with couples with different weights.

Pro Tip: A sturdy foam and coil structure keeps the edge from sagging and your mattress in good condition.

2. Do Not Disturb

One of the essential aspects to look for if you share a bed is motion isolation. Motion isolation is a feature where the mattress will absorb the impact of the motion from anywhere in the bed and keep the other side smooth and calm.

Whether you are constantly tossing and turning or one of you has a different schedule, all that motion will disturb your partner’s sleep. So, if you’re tired of waking up cranky or tired of being tired, you need a mattress with excellent motion isolation.

Pro Tip: Look for memory foam and latex mattresses for excellent motion isolating properties.

3. Can You Feel the Love

Couple’s bare feet peeking out underneath the covers

No matter how long you’ve been with your significant other, you use your mattress for more than just sleep. Which means you also need the proper support during sexual activities.

So, when you shop for a new mattress, you need to consider the bounce-back properties, the response, and edge support. A mattress with a quick response will help make the bounce-back feel more natural as you enjoy each other’s company.

Pro Tip: Innerspring or pocket coil mattresses are ideal, but if the noise is an issue, newer foam and hybrid designs work well, too.

4. Nice & Firm

The firmness level, or comfort level, is another crucial aspect of your mattress. Finding the right firmness level depends on how you sleep, either on your side, back, or stomach. But since it’s more likely the sleeping position of you and your partner will differ, this is the one time where a compromise is needed.

Side sleepers do best on super soft mattresses, but back and stomach sleepers need firmer levels to provide more support. But don’t worry; there’s a middle ground that’ll fit all types — medium firm. This comfort level offers equal support and pressure relief regardless of body type, weight difference, or sleeping position.

5. Bigger is Better

Family sleeping together in one bed

Sleeping with another person next to you comes with its challenges, and if your bed is too narrow, no one is getting any sleep. But before you go and rush off to buy the biggest mattress, you need to consider the size of your room and your sleeping preferences as a couple or as a family (fur babies count too!).

  • Full: A full-size mattress is just big enough for two people to sleep cuddled up and cozy. These mattresses are beneficial if you have a compact space, such as sharing a small apartment.
  • Queen: A queen-size mattress provides more room to spread out than a full, so you don’t have to keep sleeping on top of each other. Queen mattresses are also ideal if you don’t have room enough for a king.
  • King: A king mattress will comfortably fit you, your partner, and your kids if they like to crawl into bed with you. Make sure you have enough room around the bed to move around the room comfortably.
  • Split King: A split king mattress is the equivalent of two twin XL mattresses pushed together and is excellent for couples with vastly different sleep needs. You can keep your side customized to your needs instead!
  • California King: A Cal king mattress is a great solution for taller people around 6’5”, so you avoid having your feet hanging off the bed.

Pro Tip: Pair your split king mattress with an adjustable base for even more customized comfort!

Which Mattress Type is Best?

Since everyone’s sleep needs are different, no tried-and-true mattress type works for every sleeper. But if you’re trying to narrow down which will match how you and your partner sleep, we can help!

  • Memory Foam: Offer great motion isolation, deep comfort, body contouring, and pressure relief. However, it does trap in heat (double the sleepers, double the heat).
  • Innerspring: Provides a cooler sleep surface and plenty of responsive bounce for active couples, but there is very little motion isolation unless you choose a pocket coil mattress.
  • Hybrid: Delivers the sweet spot between great motion isolation and responsiveness and is more durable.
  • Latex: Has motion isolation equivalent to memory foam but with instant response, great bounce, balanced body contouring, and a cooler surface.

Working Out the Kinks

Woman holding pillow over her ear with one hand overing her partner’s mouth

Sleeping with a partner isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve only recently begun to sleep together every night. Whether someone is always snoring or you’re afraid to ask for space, you can smooth some of the awkwardness and frustration with these tips!

  • Snoring: If given the all-clear from a doctor, try testing out different methods to combat snoring, such as mouthpieces, nasal strips, white noise machines, or guiding the snorer to sleep on their side. Don’t forget to try an adjustable base that can elevate the head of the bed to ease snoring!
  • Spread Out: When you love your partner, you like being by their side, but when it comes to getting good sleep, sometimes you need to spread out and get comfortable. Don’t be afraid to ask for space!
  • Keep it Cool: Sleeping together often brings more body heat and uncomfortable sleep. So, try keeping cool by turning off the heater at night and adding more blankets for the person that always gets too cold.

Find Your Upgrade

When you sleep better, all aspects of your life improve. And when you and your partner get better sleep, there’s no telling how much you’ll both benefit. That’s why it is so important to find the best mattress for both of you, and we have just the right fit in our catalog.

Still having trouble deciding on the right mattress? Contact our team at your local Crane's Mattress, and we’ll guide you to what you need!