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7 Moving Tips for Packing Up Your Bedroom

by Ann Ferguson

Moving can be a pain—and so can packing. Moving companies will often pack your home up for you, but sometimes, it can be better to do your bedroom yourself. The bedroom is where most people keep valuables, including personal items. If you are planning on forgoing help from movers, well, you will be doing the packing regardless! Here are some tips to keep in mind while packing.

1. Do some spring cleaning.

Clean out your closet, your junk drawer, and basically every area of your bedroom. Toss anything that is trash and donate things in good condition that you will probably never use and likely forgot about. The fewer unnecessary things you pack, the less you have to unpack and deal with later.

2. Get moving supplies.

Obviously, you will need boxes, but there are other things not often thought of until you need them. Bubble wrap or tissue paper will be needed for wrapping breakable items and collectibles. Quilt pads are great if you have a TV in your bedroom but can also work well for protecting the surface of mirrors. You’ll also need markers to label boxes and tape to close them!

Vacuum-seal quilt and clothing bags are amazing at saving space. You place the clothing items in, seal them, and use a vacuum to suck out the air and compress the bundle down to a much smaller and more compact size.

empty room in a house on moving day

3. Create a necessity box.

This is something I have found super useful over the years. Pack one box that will stay within arm’s reach during your move. Inside it, place anything that is irreplicable (a knickknack from your great grandmother, and any important paperwork, including birth certificates and social security cards).

4. Keep weight in mind while packing.

Wow! It is great that you managed to fit all your books into one box! But now try to pick it up and walk across the room. It can be easy to become focused on filling the boxes and forget what the next step is—actually moving the boxes. Don’t pack a box you can’t move, or you will be unpacking and repacking and spending more time than you need to.

young family with a little boy, being happy and excited about moving into a new home

5. Don’t drink and pack.

As tempting as it may be to have your best friend over and share some beer or wine and have a packing party, this can lead to things not being done properly and ending up with damaged or broken valuables.

6. Don’t pack anything dirty.

Imagine opening a box that has been sealed for a few weeks and having the odor of dirty gym socks come rushing out. Always wash and fully dry all clothes! Mothballs can be used if things will be stored for a long time, but they will leave the moth-ball odor.

If you have a rug in your bedroom, vacuum it. Wash your bedsheets and comforter before packing them. Wash your curtains. You are getting a fresh start, so let your items have a fresh start as well!

woman packs clean clothing in storage bins

7. Be careful with picture frames.

Framed photos can be all placed in the same box, but make sure you wrap each one individually. Additionally, mark the box as fragile so that when it is being moved, the mover (whether it’s you or a company) knows that there is something inside that could break.

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