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7 Bed Accessories to Stylize Your Bedroom for Fall

by Pam Silvia

With fall in full swing, we think it’s customary (not to mention comforting) to deck out your room with cozy bed accessories. From swapping out your furnishings for softer ones in an autumnal color scheme to recommending trendy décor accents, we’ve got the scoop on modernizing your bedroom for fall.

Check out our list for inspiration!

1. Upholstered Headboard

An easy way to evoke a luxurious feel in your bedroom is to invest in a tufted upholstery bed frame. Whether you opt for a beige fabric headboard or a bold monochromatic piece in velvet, this accessory makes for a captivating centerpiece that also provides cushioned support as you sleep.

Tailored to suit virtually any bedroom theme, upholstered headboards can come in sleigh-bed, winged, and platform styles.

2. Duvet Cover

If you’re used to being wrapped in a comforter at night, just wait until you try a duvet cover. A protective layer that slips over and closes around a flat-yet-soft comforter (called a “duvet” or a “duvet insert”), a duvet cover is to a duvet as a pillowcase is to a pillow. Simply put, a duvet cover protects your duvet insert during use and is easily removable and washable.

Have we mentioned that duvet covers are endlessly comfy? The best duvet inserts are quilted and designed with hot sleepers in mind—so that when you close a duvet cover around it, you get a light and plushy top layer for daytime lounging and nighttime slumbering.

As a bonus, duvet covers allow you to change your color and pattern choice of bedding with the simple switch of the cover.

3.Throw Pillows

Decorative pillows are perhaps the most fun bed accessory to shop for. Not only do they provide an opportunity to color code your bedroom in warm tones for fall, but there are also so many choices in shapes and textures to behold.

In addition to square pillows, there are knot pillows, lumbar pillows, cylinder-shaped pillows, round pillows, and body pillows. Much like having an upholstered headboard, opting for an eclectic assortment of pillow sizes and shapes ushers an air of sophistication into your bedroom.

And given that the season evokes comfort through snickerdoodle-scented candles, cashmere scarves, and warm beverages, we think a sea of pillows in varying soft textures, including faux-fur, wool, and velvet, is the whipped cream on top of the pumpkin spice latte.                   

4. Throw Blankets

In the spirit of staying warm and cozy this season, we recommend shopping for a throw blanket or two to drape slovenly (or neatly!) over the end of your bed.

Sherpa blankets are great for keeping you warm if you live in an area that gets chillingly cold at night, while chenille and chunky-knit blankets provide a stylishly textured accent that pops out against your smooth duvet cover.

Alternatively, if you’re partial to bold statements, a faux-fur throw blanket makes for a luxurious and super-plush bed accessory you’ll always want to cuddle up against—just in time for spooky movie marathons in bed.

5. Bed Canopy

Forgive us as we drop yet another instance of the word “luxury,” but when it comes to bed canopies, we can’t help it. Thanks to this bed accessory, you can wake up feeling like a royal every morning. Setup is easy if you’ve got a four-poster bed, but for those of us who don’t, we just have to be a little inventive with our DIY skills.

You can create a crown canopy by fitting sheer drapery onto a basic embroidery hoop so that it can suspend above your bed like a chandelier. Or you can use curtain rods to create an overhead border around your bed. Or you can use discreet thumbtacks to attach your curtains to fall directly from the ceiling.

Regardless of the route you take, we recommend adding some string lights to lay parallel within the folds of your sheer canopy so that, even if you live in the city, every night looks like a starry one.

6. Bedroom Bench

We think there are two kinds of people in this world: those who have a bedroom bench and those who want one.

Just think: Instead of stuffing your summertime linens in your hallway closet, how about storing them neatly and accessibly in a storage bench that sits at the end of your bed? Even if that possibility doesn’t tickle your fancy, doesn’t a sturdy surface for shoe tying sound nice? Or if you’ve got a furry four-legged family member, you can always gently place them on this end-of-bed seating if you’re wary of the state of your duvet cover.

7. Headboard Garland

With fall signaling the onset of the holiday season, we can’t think of a better excuse for dangling a festive garland across your headboard. We might as well get in the mood starting now with autumnal designs, pom poms, tassels, Edison-bulb sting lights, miniature paper lanterns—and more!

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