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7 Celebrity Bedrooms You'll Want to Steal

by Cathy Carr

How’s the saying go ... shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars? The same can be said of bedroom design: If you design like the stars, you’ll end up with a bedroom that is out of this world!

So how exactly do people for whom money is no object design their bedrooms? Glad you asked. Let’s take a look and get some inspo!


Emilia Clarke

You won’t find any dragons in Emilia Clarke’s bedroom, but you will find some other ideas that you can easily incorporate into your own bedroom design. A corner TV above a small desk gives you the ability to watch the latest “Game of Thrones” while you are getting ready, without the screen taking away valuable wall or window space. And the light color scheme is sure to help you wind down after a long day of fighting your enemies.


Olivia Newton-John

We expect nothing but the best from Olivia Newton-John, and her Florida bedroom delivers. There’s a bar, as well as a comfy-looking reading area – with a selection of books close at hand, as well. Round it off with a pop-up television and you’ve got a bedroom worth spending many a summer nights in.


Paloma Faith

Finally! Somebody who knows how to use some color in a bedroom theme! This burgundy and dark blue room is as elegant as it is inviting, as exotic as it is grounded. With a floral wall pattern – and even an accent drawer – every little detail of this bedroom just screams magnificence.


Bobby Flay and Stephanie March

Hungry for some design inspiration? Let none other than Bobby Flay and Stephanie March’s bedroom be the feast for your fodder. The bed throw is simply to die for, and the mixture of reds, blacks, greys, and beige create a room that just calls to the senses.


Jeremy Renner

Not quite as dark as Renner’s most recent take on Hawkeye, his bedroom is still a masterclass in using the darker shades of the palette to great effect. From his black rug, his shiny charcoal headboard, to the matching desk and lounge chair, we sure wouldn’t mind settling down for a few winks in this room. It’s bursting with potential ideas for your home space, as well!


Vanessa Carlton

You don’t have to walk a thousand miles to get home decor inspiration – just check out Vanessa Carlton’s SoHo room right here. We are absolutely in love with all of the open brick, and just get a load of the detailed wall decorations and stunning shades! Carlton knows how to decorate a bedroom, that’s for sure.


Selena Gomez

You won’t have to start wearing purple if your walls are adorned in it, and that’s just what Selena Gomez did in her spacious bedroom. And when we say spacious we mean it – this open bedroom has plenty of space to relax, read, entertain, and even open floor space for some yoga.


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