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April is Stress Awareness Month—Here are 4 Mattress Features to Keep You Calm

by Waverly Wilde

If you aren’t getting the proper sleep you need every night, it can be hard to function throughout the day. It can affect your quality of work, relationships, and especially your body and mind. Check out these mattress features that are aimed at helping your body decompress and let go of some of the stress you’ve been living with.

Cooling Technology for Hot Sleepers

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When you sleep too hot, your body can react in a number of ways. From getting headaches, night sweats, little sleep, to even a heat rash, your warm body can only handle so much before it starts to wear on you. 

For those who run a little warmer than average at nighttime, we suggest trying a mattress with cooling technology. This innovative feature will keep you feeling refreshed -- and dry -- throughout the night! 

Innerspring mattresses are another good option if you are needing to stay cool while you sleep. The design of innerspring allows air to circulate much easier than with other mattress styles, making this a common go-to for people who sleep hot.

Memory Foam for Back Pain

If you’re waking up every morning with more back pain than you went to bed with, it’s time to find a new mattress that won’t cause you that stress anymore. Generally, those who suffer from back-pain-type symptoms tend to gravitate toward memory-foam-style beds -- and for good reason! Memory foam is all about working with your back and not against it, like many older type beds used to do. Instead, memory-foam mattresses contour your natural body shape, which helps to align your spine and hips. 

After a couple of nights on memory foam, you might feel sore -- but that’s completely normal! The memory foam is working hard realigning your body and literally getting it back into shape!

Smart Technology for Restless Sleepers

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Sometimes anxiety and stress are brought on because of the unknown, but when you have a smart mattress supporting you, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips. That’s right! Depending on the mattress, yours could potentially track your sleep by monitoring your heart rate, body movement and more, all through a phone app. Call us to learn more about our mattresses and what kind of smart technology we have to bring down those levels of stress.

Hypoallergenic Beds for People with Allergies

There might be a connection to why Stress Awareness Month and allergy season all happen to be at the same time. Because allergies tend to be in full effect in springtime, it’s not uncommon that yours could be keeping you up all night. Prevent those pesky allergies from taking over your senses with the assistance of a  hypoallergenic bed under you. These awesome beds fight off allergens, such as mold and dust mites, that often make their way into the material of your mattress.

Celebrate Stress Awareness Month by starting your stress-free mornings outright and waking up on the best mattress for your body every morning!